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Monday, October 17, 2005


Venting. Racism is alive and well.

Damn, I am frustrated. Trying to advocate for a native gentleman who needs medical care, what do you suppose I run up against? The health care organization I referred him to sends him to jail for being disruptive.

THAT'S WHY I SENT HIM. I warned you that he was confused, and advised you that it is very unusual behavior for him. He is not oriented to person, place or time, confused and disruptive. They tell me that's how he always is. BULLSHIT. He has a law degree from an Ivy League University, he can hold an intelligent conversation even when he is drunk, he is exhibiting very unusual behavior.

Have you ever tried to have a conversation with him? I doubt it. You look at him and see a drunk Indian. Your organization always has trouble with native people because you treat them so poorly. I would be combative if I were treated the same way.

But no, you don't want to deal with him because he is frequently drunk and this time he's being disruptive. In the same circumstance, with a white guy, whether or not he was disruptive, you would be calling me advocating for me to admit him despite the fact he was confused.

Jail. They want to send the poor confused guy to jail. Send him back to me and I'll keep an eye on him, this is a medical facility. I'll even send a ride for him.

Would you believe that they were opposed to that suggestion? Send him to jail. Teach him a lesson.


Like my Grandma said, do the best that you can, everyday. Don't give up. It's efforts like yours that make the world a better place.
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