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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


A Frog?


I saw this application referenced in a Geeklist over at BGG. Thought I would give it a try. Basically, you punch in some games and everyone who rated all those games will appear in spreadsheet fashion along with their rating.

I plugged in 6 common games that I have strong feelings about, and got a list of 32 people who have rated all those games.

Tigris and Euphrates, Puerto Rico, GIPF- Games I like a lot
Advanced Civ ------------- A game I would like a lot more if it wasn't so long.
Fluxx-----------------------A game I hate
Acquire ----------------- Highly over rated

Anyhooooooo... A Frenchman had the strongest correlation to me based upon that criteria. William Attia, (username wlam) is his name.

A Frenchman. I'll be darned.

I hereby vow to stop making fun of socialists, and people from socialist, pro Saddam, pro Jerry Lewis, over taxed countries. After all they did give us Francis Tresham, Bruno Faidutti, ummm... Napole- oh wait, he was Corsican... ahhhhh... Pauline... Reage... ummmm... and French maid outfits.

That result is doubly odd given the fact that there have been a couple recent threads wondering why there were so few French users on BGG. Residents of the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Brazil, and many other non-English speaking counties form significant "minority communities" on BGG. There doesn't seem to be much of a French contingent, other than designer Bruno Faidutti who posts often.

I will have to fool around with this application more. It looks like it might be a good resource if used appropriately, and quite a bit of fun if used improperly.

In case you don't read the comments: Ain't no one gonna believe me, but I had no idea William Attia was a game designer... and the designer of a currently hot game at that.

He's the designer of Caylus, the hot game at the moment...
Oh, and Acquire rocks! Did you play with open or closed holdings (Open is much better imo)? I know it can be very unforgiving, but it is the most tense game I've ever played.
We are quite a lot from France and Belgium on the Geek but the fact is that we also have our "french" BGG, which is called Tric Trac (www.trictrac.net) and we often post there instead of here.

And yes William is the designer of the fantastic Caylus.
Haberman- He's a game designer? LOL. I'm at work, and didn't have a chance to look too closely at his profile. I was planning on doing that later.

And... Caylus is a game I planned on buying as soon as my FLGS can get it into stock.

Acquire bores me to tears no matter how played.

Oliver- tricktrac.net Thanks for the information. I had no idea.

Self- A French guy reads this? Son-of-a-gun. I thought I lost all them after my "Dungeon Twister" comments. Good thing you didn't link to this article/picture about a French prostitute

I've met William Attia, at Essen and in Finland, too, and he seems a genuinely nice guy. So don't be ashamed!

You must be the teflon blogger...

I once got pilloried for referring to a "person of French persuasion" as a "Frog".

It was kinda fun.

There is no admin to complain to with a blog. Blogs are relatively whine proof.
Wow. French. But . . . I think there might be a game in you yet, Coldfoot . . .
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