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Friday, October 07, 2005



With Geek Gold at Stake.

I've fielded quite a few questions about Alaska in the past. A lot of those questions are the ones you would expect.

Does it get really cold? Yes.

Are you a fisherman? I have never been so bored that I willingly went fishing.

Are the mosquitoes really bad? They're pretty bad.

Have you ever seen a bear? I've seen two in British Columbia, none in Alaska, but I did step in a fresh, steaming, bear turd once when I was picking berries.

Where's WalMart?

But without a doubt, the most commonly asked question, from visiting family members and from tourists is...

Why do the 18-wheelers have big orange (or white) spots painted on the tires?

Any guesses?

I'll give a geek gold to the first correct answer. Alaskans and Finns can answer, just wait a couple days. Give everyone else who wants to take a stab at it a chance to answer.

Just like the old riddle; Why do firemen wear thick, red suspenders? To keep their pants up, of course, there is an obvious answer. The obvious answer won't be accepted without some further explanation.

By the way, the answer isn't really that exciting.

Well, actually... I'm Finnish and I must say I don't have a clue. I certainly haven't seen anything like that in Finland, but then again, I don't have much to do with 18-wheelers...
"Note that the trailer tires are striped to allow the driver to check if they are rotating. In severe winter conditions, the brake shoes may freeze to the drums and the driver would never know."


Well, *I* think the answer is pretty exciting -- at least it would be if your brakes actually did freeze to your wheels. Yikes! In Los Angeles we have enough trouble with the whole driving thing even without our wheels freezing.
Michael got it.

When it is extremely cold the brakes pads can freeze to the drum, and freeze so tightly that the wheel won't budge.

The tractor has enough power to pull the trailer even when the wheels aren't turning. The paint allows the driver to see at a glance if the wheels are rotating.
So, where is Wal-mart??
Hmmm. Suspenders. Hmmm. OH!
Oops, forgot to leave my geekgold depositary routing information: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/user/michaelar

Thanks for the great blog (and Gone Gaming), and keep warm up up there! I can sympathize -- it dropped to a downright nippy 55 degrees here last night. =) =) =)

Michael (the BoardGameSearch guy)
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