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Friday, September 30, 2005


Who'd a thunk?

It's only $300 more to fly from Fairbanks to Essen, Germany, than to fly from Fairbanks to Seattle?

It's $200 cheaper to fly from Fairbanks to Dallas than from Fairbanks to Seattle?

I think the missus and I will be hitting some game conventions next year.

DOes this mean you are taking me to Essen before my passport expires??
I told Fraser he could go to BGG con if he really wanted, now that airfares have dropped by a little over a third. I couldn't go, though.

THEN I realised it would cost the same to fly to Essen.

Except that there would be FOUR of us going, and we'd have to stay for longer.

It was exciting for all of 5 minutes before I realised how much I had spent in my head :)

(And then there were all the games we'd buy...)

Let's split the difference and organize our own convention in Hawaii.

Next year. January. It will be the hot, miserable month for you, and the cold, miserable month for us.

It will be a good time to go to Hawaii.
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