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Monday, September 12, 2005


Ruminating Inconsequentially

I'm dyin' to post some pictures, but my digital camera died about 3 months ago. Dame Koldfoot gave me permission to buy a new one. Any suggestions?

I'm no longer sure how many pixels I should be looking for. When we bought the first digital camera I recall that 5 megapixels was state of the art and 3.5 megapixel cameras were in my price range. We got a great deal on 2.something megapixel camera at the time.


I logged on to E-bay for the first time in a year or more. A year ago I would frequently search for "board game" when I got in to work the night shift. There was rarely more than a page or two of "board game" auctions that ended in the overnight hours. There are over 10 pages of board games that end in the next 8 hours as of this writing on Sunday night, of course many of them are Australia listings, but many aren't. Might I reiterate "Sunday night". Weekends were exceptionally slow a year ago.

Same with "boardgame" (no space) there were usually less than one page of "boardgame" auctions that ended in the next week. There is one full page of "boardgame" auctions that end in the next 30 hours, four full pages of games that end in the next week.


Played another game of Carc with my 5 year-old daughter and Dame Koldfoot. Daughter did quite well. I was impressed. She actually requested the game without being prompted.

Good Gaming

Oi! I've told you about using my name before... Maybe I should trademark it? ;)

I bought one of these recently:
Hopefully I'll get some game snaps up on my site before too long.
With 3 megas it would be oke if your first use for your picture is WWW or print in a 10x15cm or 13x18cm.
I have a Nikon D100 and a Nikon Coolpix 3100.
My site is http://fotosmontt.com
Pictures with Coolpix you can find in http://flickr.com/photos/fotosmontt/sets/574334/
If you are printing 4x6 inch, no point having much more than 3MP. Note that it is the CCD sensor size (rather than the MP count) that is usually more important. Different Canon models (with the same MP count) have different CCD sizes, for example.

My suggestion would be to pick up a camera that allows you to take photos in 2:3 aspect ratio (most of them default to 3:4 - requiring you to crop them if you want to print than 4x6). Most Sonys and Kodaks support this (but check the model). I love Canons, but they lack the 2:3 aspect ratio feature, unfortunately.
Bought my Sony DSC-p93A at Amazon. Umm, you've seen what it can do. I LOVE it. Not so expensive, yet very compact, and 3x optical zoom, but tons of features to play with. You can get extra parts, but I haven't needed any.

I had an older Sony, but 1 megapixel and no optical zoom don't cut it up here in God's country.
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