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Thursday, September 15, 2005

For no good reason, here are my top 10 boardgames.

1. Tigris & Euphrates
2. Puerto Rico
3. Through the Desert
4. Settlers
5. Roads and Boats
7. Mare Nostrum
8. Struggle of Empires
9. Advanced Civilization

After reading Sodaklady's blog on Gone Gaming yesterday I went out and bought Rheinlander. I've had my eye on it for a while. After reading the rules I am quite impressed. This looks like a good game.

The average rating of Rheinlander on Boardgamegeek is 6.65, or the 799th highest ranked game in the database. Not a resounding endorsement to say the least. The complaints seem to revolve around the length of the game. It is too short. It is too short? Since when do German gamers complain that a game is too short? That seems odd. I am eager to find out if there is a disconnect between the game and its average rating.

As I recall, several years ago Knizia had another game that was under appreciated. Samurai had an anemic rating. Through word of mouth the reputation of the game slowly increased and its rating slowly increased. Samurai is now a respectable 7.72 and the 36th highest rated game in the data base.

Looking back, it seems to me that several Knizia designs went unappreciated for a time. Ra was unappreciated until it was out of print, then is started selling for sizable bucks on E-bay. There was a buzz when Taj Mahal was released, then it fell off the radar screen for a while. Two years ago there was much talk about Knizia not releasing a good for the previous two years. I think that the simplicity and depth of his games may not easily grasped after only a few plays, it took me several years to realize Knizia's true genius.

I am very eager to play. I can't wait to report back.

Good gaming

It's not that Rheinlander is too short, it's that it ends just as things are getting interesting.
I stand corrected.
The exact same thing is happening with Tower of Babel, IMO. It got a lukewarm reception from the GoF (and now that I've played it a couple of times, the "it's just more of the same" issues that kept coming up make even less sense to me than they did at the time), and now it has the uphill battle to overcome those initial comments.

Great game, IMO.
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