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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Finally, Got Me a New Camera.

The picture is just a test. I haven't had a digital camera since Blogger changed the way pictures were added to the blog.

They really made it a lot easier. I promise to post pictures with some regularity now that I have a new camera.

Much to my surprise I got to play a couple games of Rheinlander. One was a three player game the other a four player game. I enjoyed the games, even though I came in dead last in each. Rheinlander is certainly an under appreciated game, even if it is not an upper tier game. Chalk up its under-appreciated status to the fact it was originally published by Hasbro (Hasbro's European Division to be exact).

Face 2 Face Games republished this Knizia title that was originally released in 1999 as part of their effort to reprint games from master designers. It is a fine choice on their part. Perhaps more gamers will come to appreciate it.

Personally, I found the game to be intriguing, but missing that indefinable spark that pushes a game over the top.

Here's my strategy tip, if you are silly enough to take strategy tips from a two time loser. It is more important to have all your dukes on the board at the end of the game than it is to have well developed duchies. Each duke is worth 5 points at the end. You can score many more points with dukes than you can with cities, castles and cathedrals at the end of the game.

Nice picture! Whatdya get???
You're gonna have to come over to see.
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