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Friday, September 09, 2005


Best of the Boardgame Blogosphere/E&T patsies

Alfred over at the orange blog posted his picks for the best blogs of the week. He plans on making it a weekly thing. It's an idea I've been kicking around for a while, and has really been in the front of my mind since Yehuda brought it up in his blog a week or so ago.

Good stuff. I'm glad to see it. I'm glad the boardgame blogosphere is getting big enough to make it possible.
Got to play my favorite game the other day. Played a 4-player game of Tigris and Euphrates with one newbie and one mathematically challenged veteran. I won, but it was a hollow victory. The mathematically challenged player, let us call him "Walter", kept forcing external conflicts with me that he couldn't possibly win. He would force a blue war that was 8-2 before any tiles were committed from my hand. If we had been playing on-line he would have been accused of being my "Patsy".

I've seen a few complaints that on-line players are using "patsies" so that they win every game. I don't understand. Where is the satisfaction that comes with cheating?

I would much rather lose a game because I was out played, than win a game by cheating. I guess there are other points of view. I just don't see that it would be fun. The game I mentioned was a hollow victory and I wasn't even cheating, I was merely the recipient of some mathematically impaired largesse.

Good gaming,

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