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Saturday, September 17, 2005


ASL weekend/Winter's around the corner

Well, I got through my first Advanced Squad Leader tournament without winning a single game.

Some of us from Fairbanks and some guys from Anchorage participated. We played one round on Friday evening, and two rounds on Saturday. Unfortunately the Anchorage guys had to leave early Sunday morning, so that was the extent of our gaming. Word around the campfire was that we would try it again next year and make a three day tournament of it.

I also found out that one of the guys I regularly game with was a play tester for the original Squad Leader. Imagine my surprise.

I regret very much not having a camera to post pictures of the location the tourney was held. It was held 30 miles outside of Fairbanks at an old gold camp that has been turned into a restaurant and hotel. It is quite scenic.

I stopped at the only convenience store between my house and the game to pick up a disposable camera on Saturday morning. The only convenience store was closed until noon that particular day. On the bright side; at least there isn't a photographic record of my humiliating defeat.

By participating in the tournament I figure my gaming buddy (the organizer of the tourney) owes me a game of Rhinelander and Tower of Babel, at least.

While we had some gamers gathered from around the state, I made an off-hand suggestion we band together and name the "Alaska Game of the Year". That was met with yawns. It was pointed out that I am the only one who buys significant quantities of German games. I have joked on this blog that I am the German game market in Fairbanks, I think I can claim to be the German game market in Alaska.

If you live in the Great White North north of 60 in the US or Canada and play German games contact me. koldfoot@hotmail.com There must be more German gamers than me and my few acquaintances.

I don't bite... much.


The leaves are gone from the trees. The temperatures are regularly dipping below freezing at night.

The price of home heating fuel is insane. Usually we only use wood to supplement our home heat. Normally we would just be running the furnace at night this time of year, but this year we are relying on our woodstove. We've been stoking it up at in the evening and letting it burn itself out overnight. We've been staying warm, but we don't have near enough wood put up to get us through the year at this rate.

Wish we could heat primarily with wood all year, but once the temperatures start dipping below zero we'll have to rely primarily on the furnace or our water lines will freeze up underneath the house. It won't be long now.

Sounds like a good time for a visit to balmy Israel.

Or Texas.

what battle(s) did you play?
Played the Norwegians in "By Ourselves".

My opponent annihilated me with his mortar, which we later learned he was using incorrectly. Basically, we were using the "6" column when he should have been on the "3" column or lower in certain instances. Even so, he kept rate for many rolls each turn.

Played the Germans in "Going to Church", which is a scenario I have played and won in the past.

Played the Russians in "Cream of the Crop". I started out fine, then I was unable to rally my troops. At one point I had a stack of 6 squads, with a non-broken leader, who I was unable to rally for 2 entire turns. I had a couple unstacked units who were in disarray also.

After the game was over I learned that the Russians can convert a leader into a "Commissar" who rallies troops easily. The downside being, if the troops are unable to rally the commissar starts shooting them.
Well since we played 2 games of Rhinelander, I think we're even.
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