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Wednesday, August 10, 2005



I've owned Wallenstein for a year or more, but haven't had a chance to play. I was finally able to play a 3-player game this last weekend.

My initial impression is that it is a good mix of wargame and German game. Even though the war aspect is the smallest of the two, it seems to dominate the game. From a purely mechanic point of view, combat and building armies account for less than 50% of the strategy. Building improvements and acquiring money to build combine to form the more significant portion of strategy.

Victory is partly based upon the number territories one controls, but again, that is the smaller of the factors used to calculate scores. The larger factor is the number of buildings each player owns and who owns the most of each type in each region. Yet somehow, preparations for war and war are the two things that dominate the flow of the game.

Could be because I'm playing with wargamers.

I am looking forward to playing again, and with more players. It does seem that with more players the game would be even more of a wargame. That is not a bad thing, I just think it is worth pointing out.
Word is that there might be an Advanced Squad Leader tourney in Fairbanks this fall. A couple of my friends are talking about getting me trained up in case they need an extra player. I'm indifferent. I've played a couple times, my curiosity has been satisfied. On the other hand it wasn't a bad game, on the other-other hand, I doubt I would be able to take the training wheels off in time for a September tournament.

As small as it is, the ASL community in Alaska seems pretty tight-knit.

Good Gaming,

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