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Friday, August 19, 2005


Professional Driver on a Closed Course. Don't try this at home.

Nothing game related here.

A couple weeks ago I recommended that you just walk off a job once in your life if you have never done it before. Of course you don't want to do it without a very good reason, but if you have a good reason it can be very satisfying.

Now I have an even better recommendation, but it only works within relatively narrow parameters.

If you have a truly incompetent boss, and I'm not talking about a run of the mill boss who inspires everyone below him to grumble. If you have a boss who is truly incompetent. And if said boss is an arrogant ass. Ohhhhhhh, say he is arrogant enough to use the word "demeanoring" in a sentence, then argues with you whether it is a word, and later tells you he found it in the dictionary and he was using it correctly. And if you are a long time employee with no history of problems. And if said boss is routinely in trouble with his bosses. And if said boss calls you into his office for "counseling". And if you know that your head will explode if he counsels you about anything. And if you will be damned if you will let that ass tell you your faults. And if you have time to prepare a counseling statement of your own. And if there is at least one other person around. And if you don't care if you get fired. You might try this.

Prepare a counseling statement of your own. When you get to the boss' office wait until he comes to greet you. Then tell his secretary, or anyone else who might be around that you are here to counsel Bob on his professionalism. Ask the secretary to accompany you into the boss' office because this is the second time you have had to counsel him on professionalism and that you would like a witness this time.

When you get into the office let the incompetent ass have it with both barrels. Take the ball out of his court. Then whip out your counseling statement and ask him to sign it. Don't make any outrageous statements on it, just say that Bob was counseled on his unprofessional attitude and that by signing the statement he neither agrees nor disagrees with it, he is merely acknowledging that the conversation took place. Of course he won't sign it. Just remember, a truly incompetent ass will already have a bad reputation with his superiors. There is a good chance you won't get fired for it, especially if his boss has a sense of humor.

I'll let you know soon whether or not his boss has a sense of humor. I'm eager to find out myself.


I should add; You should be fairly sure that said boss is illiterate and won't be reading this on the internet.
"Demeanoring"? Wow, I hope he doesn't use that much when he "conversates." Or else people might "aks" him what it means.

Seriously, the dictionary can be your friend...
You go, coldfoot! Snarf!!!!
You're crazy, but it sounds like fun and I can't wait to hear how it goes.
A good idea, and funny. I really enjoyed my time at my prior company from the moment I said "I'm leaving" (to myself) to the moment I actually left. Got several weeks of paid vacation out of it, too. (Companies consider people who cheerfully say 'I'm leaving' a menace to morale).

Great blog. DAMN, you got balls! Can't wait to hear what comes of it...

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