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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Of Games and Cleavage

Don't tell my wife, but I just scored the reprint of RoboRally. It should go over well at Thursday night gaming with the kids.

I also picked up Tower of Babel. When I bought ToB I saw Rheinlander sitting next to it. Rheinlander is a game that many of my geekbuddies have rated, but few have felt compelled to comment on. They rate it an anemic 6.3. Chris Farrell rated it a 7 with the caveat that it could be better than a 7, but no one in his group wanted to play more in order to find out. That pretty much sums up my geekbuddies comments.

I'll have to get Rheinlander. I'll hate myself when I buy it, but I'll end up getting it. I think it sounds like a good game. I appreciate Knizia more and more as I get more chances to play his games. There is no doubt, Knizia is the Babe Ruth of game design, and by that I don't mean that he is the womanizing, boozer of game design. Maybe I should say he is the Picasso of game design. Wait... Hemmingway... no... the John Barrymore... no... Hunter Thompson... no, no, no. Jimi Hendrix... Hank Williams... John Coltrane... no. The Mozart of game design? Anyway, the guy is brilliant, and I doubt he is a heroin addict. He certainly hasn't died a tragic death at too young an age, but it's only 2005.

Why are all great men associated with tragedy? Or womanizing? Or both? Anyway, at $50 I will be able to hold off until it goes on sale. Truth be told, it looks like the kind of game that will stay on the shelf until I buy it. I pretty much am the German-game-market in this town. If anyone else buys a German game (except if it is Settlers related, or an inexpensive card game) it's because they played my copy first and liked it. (That is only a slight exaggeration... really).

With the upcoming ASL tournament, looks like most of my gaming will be ASL related for the next month. They may need me to fill in if there is an odd number of players, so I need to get trained up. My wargaming buddies need to brush up on ASL rules too, but at this point I would only be a warm body in any tourney.


It was 27 F. (-2 C.) last Saturday morning at our house. That will bring an end to the cleavage season and usher in the parka season. At least we got in 3 good months of cleavage this year. Who knows? We might yet get another warm spell. Although trees have been turning yellow for a couple weeks now, they are far from bare. Since it froze the leaves will disappear fast, as will the spaghetti straps and the above-the-knee skirts.


I really want to post some more pictures to my blog, but my digital camera has bitten the dust. Until I get a new one (for Christmas, my wife informs me) I'll have to settle for linking to Valette's blog for pictures of smoke in the air, and Mary's blog for cleavage shots. I might have to borrow a camera for game-shots.


The smoke is thick. The fires are hundreds of miles away, but there are something like 100+ fires burning in the interior of Alaska right now. Significantly less than a dozen fires threaten private property, so significantly less than a dozen fires are being fought.

"Don't tell my wife, but I just scored the reprint of RoboRally." Don't tell me?? What, do you think I don't read your blog?

As for cleavage, when was the last time I wore spaghetti straps and a mini skirt? I'm sure we did not start dating until many years after junior high school. You can have all the cleavage you can handle, Koldie, with the caveat that the ambient indoor temperature is above 72 degrees. Stoke it up!
Rheinländer is pretty good. I've played it twice, and it works. It's nothing too special, but I could see it as a part of my collection... Except at least the German box is huge, it's just too damn big for my limited space.
So, where do you buy games in this burg, anyhow??
So you can buy Rheinlander out from under me? Nice try John. My lips are sealed.
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Nooooo, not that . . . (whistles and walks away) nothing to see here

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