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Thursday, July 07, 2005


OT: London bombing

1) Take a moment to pray for the victims and their families.

2) Write your congressman. Tell him to vote to abolish American nuclear weapons.

Surprised I would say that?

What good are they if we aren't going to use them? Our enemies know that we won't use them. They aren't even good for a bluff anymore. They are of no use, whatsoever. They are just expensive pieces of hardware that cost billions of dollars each year to maintain and build.

Start with Damascus. If terrorism continues hit Tehran, then Riyadh, then Islamabad. A few small tactical nukes in the so called "Sunni Triangle" would be a wise investment, as opposed to another dead American soldier or Iraqi policeman or English commuter. After the first one is dropped you would see North Korea change its tune.

Before one more terrorist strikes, either use the weapons at our disposal or dispose of them. We won't win a war on terrorism on the terrorists terms.

Don't fight a politically correct war. Fight to win. The U.S. stood by and did nothing when the World Trade Center was bombed in '93. We did nothing after the African embassies were bombed. Somalia (Blackhawk down), the bombing of Kohbar Towers and the USS Cole, in every instance the U.S. stood by and did nothing.

It wasn't just the Clinton administration that let terrorists have free reign. There was also the Iranian hostage crisis, the Marine barracks bombing, the Achille Laurel, and others. The 747 that went down near Long Island was deemed to be caused by an electrical failure, despite overwhelming evidence that it was brought down with a missile. Reason: The citizenry would have expected the administration to have done something had it been terrorism. An electrical failure wouldn't bring down poll numbers.

The west has a well deserved reputation for being weak. Until we fight to win we deserve that reputation and will make no progress against the fascist, Muslim terrorists.

Edit: Does anyone doubt that we would probably not retaliate with a nuclear weapon if the terrorists struck us with one? It would be too politically incorrect to respond even if we could trace the terrorrists back to a certain country.

Get rid of the useless nuclear weapons and use the money to buy more armored Humvees, and bullet proof vests if we aren't serious about winning the war.

Coldfoot for President!
Yeah, I can see that. Part of the problem with Iraq is that we conquered the government, with no real impact on the people, so they see a dictator who protected them from terror versus occupiers that cannot. Fear the government, or fear the chaos? Or aid the chaos? Terrorists and those that work with them need to be defeated, utterly, until they have nothing left, no will to fight. Sadly, we're not there yet.
Last time I looked at a map China was still there.

Don't get me wrong, I'd still vote for you for President.
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