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Monday, July 11, 2005


Nappy Wars

A few of my friends frequently play Napoleonic Wars. It is a straight forward, card-driven wargame with some interesting alliance and diplomacy mechanisms added to it. I was finally able to sit in on a couple games in the last few weeks. First, I played Russia. The game ended on the second round. At the end of each round of play, a die is rolled. If a certain number (6?) is rolled the game ends. The number is dependent upon a couple factors, I am not sure how they figure out the number. Players can each spend a card to increase or decrease the number needed to end the game.

As I was Russia, I was told that I needed to run an army up to Vienna to help out the Austrians, or they would cave in to the French easily. Apparently that is a common strategy, and it seemed logical to me. At the end of the round Austria was weakened, but was still in the game thanks to my army. Austria then proceeded to switch sides and joined with the French.

I now had a large army in hostile territory. I forget just how many ways I was screwed, suffice it to say I was screwed.

The second game I played Russia again. I tried the same strategy, but pumped up my forces a little before sending them off to help the Austrians. I thought it worked well, but my allies were insistent that it was a mistake to wait a turn to move my armies up. Didn't seem to be a mistake to me.

The game ended on a die roll at the end of the first turn. France won again.

My third game I played the Brits. I got diced. France had taken out most of my fleet on his first turn. The dice were not going my way at all. On my turn I took what was left of my fleet and went after what was left of France's. Nothing changed. Luck was not on my side.

The French were able to invade England on the first round. I played a card that took Napoleon out of the game, that gave the French pause, but they pressed the attack.

I had two fleets left and they were both sitting in the English Channel. I was pissed, and used them to go after a French fleet in port. I lost both fleets. I knew I should not have attacked when I did it, but the results were even more disastrous than I had imagined. My allies informed me that, had I kept the fleets, France would likely not have been able to continue moving troops into England.

I was advised that I should just capitulate. I should have. Had I surrendered I would have had kept another key (VP space), and retained a small army. But noooooooooo, I was pissed and fought to the death. I died. France forced Britain into submission anyway.

I spent the next round as a neutral player building up my depleted forces. Prussia sided with Russia, and Austria sided with France. Prussia controlled Turkey.

The game ended at the end of round two. Not on a dice roll, but because France had met some other requirement to win the game.

Fun game. Needs to be played with the right players, though. The rule book is difficult. The errata is voluminous. Definitely an interesting wargame, as long as someone else is teaching it to you.

Good gaming

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