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Saturday, June 18, 2005


Shadow of the Emperor

OK. I take it back.

Although In the Shadow of the Emperor is a good game it isn't "Wow" good. I finally had chance to play a complete game. Although it is a well themed, no-luck game, it is just a better than average game. I'll give it an 8.

There is a lot going on in ItSotE, yet the game doesn't seem cluttered. It all meshes together quite well. It is basically an area control game. There are 7 areas to control. Each player gets one vote for each region they control. Votes are used to vote for the Emperor. Yet that just scratches the surface, there is so much more going on. Players use aristocrats, knights, and cities, to control a region. Players need to buy action cards to take actions and cards are very limited.

I'll need to get a couple more games under my belt before can write a review that will give the game justice, but it is a good game. It will be no problem getting it to the table again.


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