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Thursday, June 23, 2005


Anyone else?

Hmmmmm, I got an e-mail from the maker of Polarity. Seems as though they are targeting bloggers to help get a little publicity. Nothing wrong with that, I'm just curious who else got that message. I suppose you established bloggers get regular messages/updates, (or maybe they heard about my "SUCKER" tattoo) but it was a first for me.

I must admit that Polarity was on my radar screen. It looks like it is a game that might go over at the Boys and Girls Club. I was going to wait to read a few reviews before making the investment, though. The Club closes early in the summer anyway, I will have to wait until school begins to resume my activity with the kids on Thursday evening.

Good Gaming

I got one too. I assumed it was because they actually used a quote of mine from BGG on their web site, but it's interesting they seemed to be targetting bloggers. Personally, I ignored it because it was an obvoius form letter, and because I'll write up Polarity anyway when I get a chance to play (I played the old edition, and like the game) and I don't do interviews (which he helpfully indicated he'd be available for).

To be honest, I think this is a reasonable approach to try to drum up some interest, and Polarity *is* a clever and unique product - and the copy isn't overreaching and annoying like the Viktory stuff is. But he could have helped himself out by sending a personalized letter. There aren't that many good bloggers out there.
There aren't that many good bloggers out there.

Hah! I realize that might sound condescending, so here is what it meant: there aren't so many good boardgame blogs out there that he couldn't have sent personalized notes to each of them.
I got it too, and it wasn't the first time I get press releases, either. I replied with my standard answer: thanks, can you send me a review copy?

I've got Time Control and Cranium that way and I'm hoping the Avalon Hill person was serious about sending me a bunch of promo games...

Sure, it's a form letter, but hey - if they're serious about promotion, they'll send a review copy and I sure would enjoy a free copy of Polarity.
They didn't send me one. :(

I posted my e-mail address a couple weeks ago when I was organizing the game weekend in Denali Park.

Find a reason to post your e-mail address.
I mean Iain.
Unfortunately they won't give me a review copy ;-(

It's their loss...
You're right, I've got no email address on my site. I'll fix that now...
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