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Tuesday, May 31, 2005



OK, I'll admit it. I saw the under-produced and over-acted Uberplay advertisements, I even had to chuckle at a couple of them. (Here they are, http://www.uberplay.com/main.html some of the games have "View the Commercial" links) I bought the Motley Fool's Buy Low Sell High game. Not a game I would normally buy, but... oh well. Was I influenced by advertising? Uberplay's attempt to make internet commercials was interesting, and they are being innovative in some other ways. In the attempt to bring good boardgames to the masses they have joined marketing forces with Eagle games. Hopefully, that move will put their games in more than just specialty stores.

I wrote Fawkes asking if he was still blogging. He wrote back saying he was swamped with work. Don't you hate it when life gets in the way of your hobby? I do. Oh well, it gives us something to look forward to.

Found pOpcult's game blog the other day. I will link it ASAP, but here it is for now, http://ludography.blogspot.com/ I was finally able to read "Gaming in Murphy" I had been getting an error message since the blog was posted on BGG several months ago. http://www.seanandmelissa.net/gamer/

Had to chuckle at this http://www.brazilianartists.net/home/flags/index.htm

Got to play Manifest Destiny and Knizia's Kingdoms this last week. I'll comment on them in a couple days. I'm still not sure what to say.

The Fourth of July Boardgame weekend has been finalized. We have campground space reserved (along with a cabin in case of inclement weather). It will be held near the entrance to Denali Park. We will be there from Friday evening through Monday. If anyone else is interested in attending, whether for a day or overnight, just let me know. It's not to late to come.

We still need to figure out how many people want to go whitewater rafting, their ages, and whether we go on a 2 hour, or 4 hour trip. Rafting will probably be on Sunday.

Good gaming

P.S. Did Yehuda disable the comments on JSGC website?

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