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Thursday, May 26, 2005


On the off chance that anyone reading this cares...

...we've completely re-evaluated the Alaska inaugural boardgame weekend. As I said in a previous post, I checked out some possible places to hold the event. The best facilities that I found were at Denali. The weather in August in Denali is kind of iffy. There is a very good chance that it will rain all weekend, or dip below freezing every night, neither of which is conducive to a fun family weekend.

Operating on the assumption that we should go with the place that has the best facilities for our needs we decided to bump up the date to July. Fourth of July weekend is a date that works for several of us in Fairbanks. I'll drive down on Friday, as can anyone else who so desires, but the main days will be Saturday the 2nd and Sunday the 3rd. The campground I chose also rents cabins of various quality. Prices range from "hippie backpacker" to "rich geezer". Camping is $20 a night.

If there was interest I thought we could go on a whitewater raft excursion. There are several companies that offer the service in the area. A 2-hour whitewater rafting trip costs about $70 per person, about 1/2 that for children, depending on the company we choose. A 4-hour trip is $90. Trips start at various times throughout the day.

Contact me now if you are interested, we need to get space reserved ASAP.
koldfoot@hotmail.com or post a message at the bottom of this entry.

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