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Friday, May 13, 2005


Any Alaskan gamers reading this?

Probably not. It's summer. A real Alaskan would be out shooting at road signs and fishing instead of playing games.

Anyway, I am looking to organize the inaugural (first annual) Alaska Family Game Weekend. I have some interested parties here in Fairbanks and a couple more in Anchorage. I'm leaning towards renting some campground space in the Talkeetna area, possibly the Denali area. Dame Koldfoot has already mandated that it will have to be a place with showers. If there is enough interest I thought we could spend one afternoon whitewater rafting, as there are numerous companies in the area that offer daily rafting trips. I'm looking at some time near the end of the tourist season.

Any suggestions are welcome. Interested? Let me know. Just post a comment at the bottom of this entry, or koldfoot@hotmail.com

A word of explanation might be in order. I assume that anyone reading this is familiar with modern, German games. You might cringe at a weekend of gaming if you are only familiar with Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Dungeons and Dragons, Yahtzee, Chess, Sorry or other mass produced games, and I wouldn't blame you. Modern games (many of which originate in Germany) are strategic, accessible games that range in complexity from light and fun to deep and challenging. There are literally thousands of different German games.

We will have a wide variety. Probably some war games and maybe even Monopoly or Scrabble, too.

Good gaming,

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