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Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Weather report

It's 1 am Tuesday morning. The temperature is 45 F.


Doesn't look like it will drop below freezing tonight. Yesterday was the first day that the temperature has stayed above freezing for 24 hours since the middle of October.

Fishermen are standing on the edge of the ice, as the ice in the rivers starts to break up. Pussy willows are starting to bloom. As I drove to work tonight at 10:30 I noted that it was still quite bright outside, in fact I didn't need to turn my headlights on.

Still have a ton of snow in my yard, though. Maybe I will attempt to post a picture tomorrow or Thursday, along with the fishermen dodging ice floes.

I don't care if it is snowing in Ohio. This is the time of year that I live for.

Oh, yeah. Had a great game day on Saturday. Started with 4-player Einfach Genial, switched to Puerto Rico with the expansion and 5 players, Primordial Soup with 4 players, El Grande with 5, and ended with a three player game of San Marco.

We're getting to the time of year when gaming is lean. Everyone has something better to do in the summer in Alaska. Might have been the last good game day of the season.

Praying for more good game days,

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