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Saturday, April 23, 2005


Looking to Increase the Size of My Gamut in the Great Gaming Gulag of Interior Alaska.

Sodaklady posted an article in the BGG forum concerning Reader's Digest. The thread quickly took on a life of its own and got me, and others, thinking. I have since thought some more on the subject and post my ponderings here.

A group of geese is, of course, a gaggle. Ducks on the wing are a flock, as are camels on the hoof. Ducks in the water form a paddling or raft, as do a family of sea otters. Horses form a herd or string, yet colts form a rag. A group of wild dogs is a pack, domestic dogs are a kennel. Live fish form a school, dead fish form a catch.

Humans are not immune to this confusion either. Thieves form a band, robbers a gang and a posse counters both. Groups of Christian people form congregations, witches a coven. A group of left leaning activists is a cell. People in a geographic area form a neighborhood. A group of boys is a blush, girls a bevy. Hollywood stars form a galaxy, and on and on it goes.

So, where does that leave us gamers?

Certainly we don't form packs, thunders or menageries, possibly troops or pods.

A gaggle, a swarm? They have possibilities.

A plague of Magic players at the gamestore? A stench of geeks at the game convention? A troop of gamers at the WBC? A freak of gamers at GENCON? An inept of gamers at the chess tourney? A stink, or a fatdom of gamers? They all have possibilities.

Gamesgrandpa suggested a gamut of gamers.

Gamut of gamers, I like it.

Gamut has an orderly feel to it. The alliteration works well, and the tip of the hat to Sid Sackon is somehow appropriate. It is also a reference that only true gamers would recognize.

So, with a nod to Gamesgrandpa, I hereby ask the audience (yet another definable group) what do you think? Should we petition the people at Websters (collectively known as publishers) for recognition? Does someone have a better name?

Still pondering,

Gamut from Dictionary.com

Part of Speech: noun
Definition: the full range or compass of something; a range from one extreme to the other
Etymology: Medieval Latin gamma `G' + ut `lowest note'

Sounds good to me.

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