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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Always summer down south.

Back from my first visit to Brimfrost, the only game convention in Alaska. Had fun. There were lots of miniature games going, as was to be expected, as it was hosted by the Anchorage Miniature Game Club. There was an ASL tournament, HeroClix tourney, quite a few CCGs and only a few board games.

Enjoyed being in Anchorage for a few days. One learns to live without the simple pleasures when living in the interior of Alaska. One of those simple pleasures that I had forgotten existed is cleavage. In the land that has 6 solid months of winter we are lucky to get 3 months of cleavage each year.

In Fairbanks turtle-neck sweaters are the fashion norm. Even the women of questionable morality wear flannel shirts (buttoned all the way) and Carhartt overalls. If you get a flash of underwear it is thermal long johns, or the arms of a synthetic undershirt being worn under a short sleeved shirt.

In the summer when we have nice warm +60 F. temperatures, the tourists are wearing sweaters and Columbia cold weather gear, and the local women of questionable morality are still wearing Carhartts and flannel.

Wouldn't live anywhere else, though.

As we were getting ready to leave, my five year-old was putting on her snow boots. I told her just to wear shoes, as she probably wouldn't need the cold weather boots because we were going such a long ways away. She thought about it for a moment and asked "Is it always summer in Anchorage, dad?"

I thought about it for a moment and responded, "Basically."

I was able to get in a couple games of Puerto Rico, Carcassonne Hunters and Gatherers, Ticket to Ride, Bang and Magic. No new games, although I haven't played Magic: The Gathering in several years.

Picked up Mare Nostrum at the local game store (Hobbycraft). Anxious to give it a try.

Looking forward to the next Brimfrost. Perhaps I will volunteer to run some board games at the next one, but only if it is held at that mall. You know, the mall with all the cleavage.

I live in London, so lots of cleavage here.

Good luck with Mare Nostrum. The playing time is variable, so leave 3 hours free.
I hope you like Mare Nostrum more than we did over here. The countries suffer from some balance problems. The trading phase is interesting though.

Let me tell you about the cleavage. Not to brag (and I hope Koldie backs me up on this), but I was the only "real" clevage gamer at the convention. That is unless you counted all of the man titties in the group. Although one simply cannot compare a 64A "bro" with my 42DD's. It's not that I don't like a good sized man with a nice chest, and there were some rather large men there, Koldie included. My point is that I was seriously disappointed by the number of females at Brimstone. The weather and choice of attire has nothing to do with the lack of real cleavage.
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You're bragging an awful lot for someone who shows no cleavage. Do you even own a shirt that unbuttons below the throat?
What? You want me giving the goods away for any Tom, Dick or Harry to oggle? I would rather you just be selfish and keep it all to yourself. BTW, do you even own a pair of trousers that unbuttons below the scrotum or do you prefer to keep it zipped to the top?
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