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Friday, January 14, 2005


More Epic Duels

Last week it was so warm that the slick roads kept the kids at home. Tonight it was the persistent cold weather that kept them away. Any way, brought some games to play with the kids tonight.

One of the regulars was there, a young, teenage boy. A younger girl wanted to play, so we played Star Wars: Epic Duels. I was kind of skeptical about how the younger girl would do with the game, but she dove right in and whooped some butt. I had to assist her quite a bit on the first game, but she quickly caught on.

Turns out that the boy moved his characters about the board with no real strategy in mind. The girl wiped the board with his butt. Once she got the hang of it she steam-rolled him.

The boy had to leave after the first game, which lasted about 30 minutes. She was dying to play again, so I played. She loved the game. Ended up playing 3 games with her. Let her win the first one (really). I barely won the second game. And she sent me home with my tail between my legs on game 3.

She played different characters each game, as did I. I don't remember exactly what characters were played each individual game.

Quite a pleasant surprise, all in all. She did not want to quit. Guess Star Wars: Epic Duels has more appeal than I thought. Good intro game to lure kids into boardgaming geekdom.

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